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Application forms or CVs?

Getting the application process right first time round can save a lot of time further down the recruitment journey. CVs and application forms are both established ways of filtering out the best applicants, but which is the most effective? The role of a good CV or application form is to get the jobseeker in the […]
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Is their CV too good to be true?

Writing a CV is becoming an art form today and people are investing increasing amounts of time making their application just right. But sometimes the sales job goes a little too far and at other times doesn’t go far enough, so how can you make sure you’re neither having the wool pulled over your eyes […]
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How to filter CVs

The prospect of receiving hundreds of applications for one vacancy is both a recruiter’s dream, and a nightmare. How to sift through all those CVs to find that gem of a candidate can seem like a complete conundrum at times. Everyone has their own way of thinning the pile. Some overwhelmed recruiters use extreme methods, […]
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