How to make a job offer


Once you’ve found the perfect candidate to fill a vacancy, you need to make sure that they actually take up the position. Just because they applied and turned up for an interview, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to accept your offer. With these handy tips and hints you can discover how to make a job offer so tempting it’ll be difficult for them to refuse.

What motivates your candidate?

Everybody has different needs and motivations. For some it will be salary, for some location and for some the possibility of a good work-life balance (especially for those with children). When putting together a job offer, consider which of these is motivating your candidate and make that the stand-out feature of your offer. For instance, if they have a family, the fact that your company offers flexi-time might be the most appealing. To somebody who lives far away, working from home could be a good incentive.


Be competitive

Probably the most crucial factor for any new starter is going to be salary. Make sure you research similar roles in other companies and offer the best salary you possibly can. If you’re unable to be as competitive as you like, highlight other benefits in your offer, including pension and bonus schemes or the amount of holiday days.


Be decisive and act quickly

Once you’ve made the decision that you want somebody, don’t hang around waiting for them to get a different… and perhaps better… job offer. Don’t waste time with overly lengthy decision making sessions, and if you can, give prospective candidates a time (a rough estimate at least) of when they can expect to hear from you.


It’s good to talk

Pick up the phone to tell the candidate the good news. For one it’s a way to instantly connect rather than waiting for a letter to arrive or for an email to be read. It’s also a useful way to gauge the reaction of the candidate, to see if they’re still enthusiastic about the position. It’s also a good opportunity for both you and the candidate to discuss any problems or questions you might have, it’s so much easier and speedier to do this over the phone than to have a length written back and forth.


Be prepared

Before you pick up the phone, make sure you have everything about the role to hand, including a job description, salary, benefits and if possible the contract you’ll be sending over. That way, if the candidate asks you any questions you should be able to quickly answer them without having to scrabble around looking for the relevant information.


Follow up fast

Just like your decision to offer the job in the first place should be as speedy as possible, get the offer in writing over to the candidate as soon as you can. Nobody wants to sit around waiting for the small print to drop on the doormat, so the quicker you act, the better. Include a contract with your written offer for the candidate to sign and hopefully they can join as soon as possible. This is another good reason to have already discussed any problems or concerns about the contract / role by phone beforehand.


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