Offers and rejections

Rejecting candidates

With advances in social media, and everyone becoming attached to their phone, there’s more than one way to tell candidates they didn’t get the job. But what’s the best way of rejecting candidates? It’s never easy breaking the news to a candidate that they haven’t been successful, so it’s vital to make the process as […]
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Top negotiation mistakes

Once you’ve successfully recruited the perfect candidate, the next, often difficult, step of the process is drawing up a good contract that suits both parties. If you’re not careful, all the hard work you’ve put into the recruitment, interview and selection process can unravel at the last minute as negotiations break down. However, as they […]
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Negotiating benefits: where does the recruiter fit in?

When the time comes to move jobs, it’s easy for candidates to focus on the numbers: will I get a pay rise if I move to a new company? Will this move help me improve my earning potential? But while basic pay is an important factor in the hiring process, recruiters also need to sell […]
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